Friday, April 17, 2015

What can you do for your brain?


Very few of us have been taught how to keep our brains healthy. 
We know too many sweets are bad for our weight. It's easy to remember too little sleep will affect our mood. Every child knows that a Band-Aid is the answer for a scrape or cut. But what about our brains? What are we supposed to do when our minds won't stop spinning? What do we do when we feel stressed all the time? 
Each of these nine behaviors will not only make your brain healthier, they are free and everyone can learn how to practice them.
Which one do you like best and why? Which one is more appealing to you?

1. Talk to strangers

2. Go away

3. Reframe everything negative

4. Reappraise everything painful

5. Meditate in a way you look forward to

6. Transfer blame

7. Find the mindfulness that works for you

8. Leave the crazy people

9. Forgive everyone

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