Sunday, November 6, 2016

Déjà Vu & Butterfly Effect

Look for information about this little trick of the mind that makes you think that you've already lived a certain situation. Be prepared to explain to your friends. Have you ever experienced it?

In the film you can recognise some examples of the butterfly effect. Investigate what is all about, if it's just a concept taken from physics or something that can actually happen.


After watching the film District 9 and having read the papers that I re-propose you, analyse the situation of the District 9 camp and the refugees' you can find in Europe. Pay special attention to the one in Calais, which has been dismantled last week.

Please click on "Read More" in order to have the papers at your disposal.

Love, no matter what

Last week we listened to this TED Talk about love.
Here you'll find the link in order to listen to it again and refresh your ideas.

Then give your general opinion on the talk and tell me if you think it's really true that you can love no matter what.

What do you know about the Mediterranean diet?

We have all heard about the greatness of this diet compared to others. At the moment we hear about fast-food, vegetarian and vegan diets, slow food approaches, and asian cooking.
Let's read about the secrets of our diet and what makes it so special, healthy and well known.

First, you need to follow the link:

Read the article and make a short summary. 
Then, investigate what diets are about and choose which one you would like to follow.