Saturday, January 31, 2015

How Children Learn: Portraits of Classrooms Around the World

After watching "Sur le chemin de l'école" you can see here portraits from students all around the world.

Choose your favorite one and tell me why you like it in 50 words.

Amazing facts you didn't know about the human body!

We hang out with our own bodies all the time - so we tend to take them for granted. But if you stop and think about everything your body does, you just might consider how great it is (and you are). All the time your body’s doing a million things that you’re not even aware of- like digesting breakfast, growing new skin, and carrying oxygen to cells from head to toe and ear to ear!

Follow this link and check out 10 incredible facts about your body.

Now, which one do you consider the most amazing? Would you ever eat the caterpillar burger? Will we ever find something like this at McDonald's?

Jacques Prévert

Els alumnes de tercer d'ESO han escrit un poema inspirant-se en "Le message" de Jacques Prévert. La idea de escenificar-ho ha estat tota seva, i el resultat és tan bó que no ens podem estar de mostrar-vos-el.

Esperem que us ho passeu tan bé com nosaltres a l'hora de fer-ho!

4 Famous Landmarks That Look Nothing Like You Think

I found out these news which are very interesting for me, because I've always thought that they were a bit different from what they really are.

We've all seen countless images of the most well-known landmarks in the world. However, the following photos reveal the shocking truth behind some of those landmarks.

#4. The Heads on Easter Island Are Actually Full Statues

Easter Island, one of the most isolated places in the world, is known for the giant disembodied heads that dot its landscape like the basketball court at a Taliban rec center.
The thing is, those heads aren't disembodied at all -- they're the tops of giant stone statues that have been buried up to their necks like Ted Danson in Creepshow. They didn't sink over time, either, but were intentionally set onto mounts deep underground.

Now it's time for a bit of research. Following the last example, I'd like you to tell me which is the truth behind the following facts:

#3. The Eiffel Tower Was a Giant Billboard

#2. Niagara Falls Can Be Turned Off
#1. The Statue of Liberty Toured Paris and New York as Jumbled Body Parts