Sunday, January 10, 2016

Can language be inclusive?

From your composition I've noticed that when you want to refer to man, woman, boy or girl in general you use the Catalan formula "he / she" or "the boy / the girl / the son / the daughter" and I've thought it could be interesting to let you know which is the English one. 

If we are referring to "he / she" we can use the plural pronoun "they". 
The "he / she" formula can also be written in the "s/he" form, which it's said to be more inclusive.

Can you please explain me what does the term "inclusive" mean?
Write down something inclusive  – not necessarily a pronoun —, think about whether it's relevant or not in our society, and take note in which cases this can be useful, for instance in the use of terms that describe people such as job titles.

What Do You Know About the Bees?

Following this link you'll know twenty interesting things about bees. I invite you to search for further information such as its importance in the Earth's ecosystem and how endangered they can be. 

Be prepared to make the most spectacular exposition in front of your classmates. You can be supported by video, power point slides or a simple cardboard. I'm sure you'll do it terrific!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Space facts

Did you know Venus spins in the opposite direction to all the other planets in our solar system and there are thought to be trillions of diamonds on Uranus?

On the following link you'll be able to check many special and weird facts about space and the universe.
Pick up your favourite one and write down in 75-100 words why is that.

Christmas Homework

In order to revise your knowledge of English during the Christmas holidays I propose you to train to a spelling competition we'll have after Christmas. In class we'll watch Spellbound, a documentary film on the subject. I hope you'll enjoy!

Check out the trailer right here -->

Guess what has been the word of the year 2015...

Any guesses?

Follow the link and enjoy doing the quiz!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Grammar YUniversity

Have you ever visited a page that gathers cool tips in order to remember grammar rules properly? 

Follow the rabbit through the link! Visit it from time to time, or at least once in a blue moon.


Tricky homophones

Find out the meaning of the following homophones and learn them by hahaheart!