Sunday, April 27, 2014


A) Vocabulary: adjectives to describe a film
Decide if these adjectives are positive (+) or negative (-):
Awful                    Fun                        Great                   Terrible
Brilliant                Dreadful                 Boring                 Appalling
Good                   OK                          Amazing             Bad
Rubbish               Incredible               Gripping             Excellent
Predictable         Sensational            Dull                     Disappointing

B) Task: describe and evaluate a film
Use the adjectives from A to evaluate

The plot
The ending
The special effects
The photography
The soundtrack

About Gattaca, after evaluating the film, answer this question.
Would you like to decide about the sex, health, skills, personality of your children? Yes or no? Give reasons.

Madame Bovary

Cherchez information sur Gustav Flaubert, l'auter du roman "Madame Bovary". Claude Chabrol, directeur du film, et donnez votre opinion sur le personage de Emma.