Sunday, April 21, 2013

Goat Library: a travelling Colombian library.

Luis Soriano wanted to make a difference. So a few years ago, he created a travelling library called a “ Biblioburro”. He believes he can improve his town of La Gloria, Colombia by bringing literature to its inhabitants.
He started out with 70 books and now he has a collection of more than 4,800. The Biblioburro has been growing since a Colombian radio programme mentioned his project.

Soriano, as a young teacher saw how enthusiastic his children were about reading. Children wait for him in groups. When he arrives, he reads the books he brings and then children can borrow them. The Biblioburro has gained national attention and his project was praised by the nation’s literacy specialists. (adapted by Hot English nº 87)
Explain the difference
 “borrow” versus “lend”
“library” versus “ bookshop”
Answer the questions
1.    Do you enjoy reading?
2.    What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
3.    How often do you read?
4.    Where do you get your books?
5.    Do you buy or do you borrow them?
6.    What books did you like to read as a child?
7.    What books are you reading now?

Le Petit Prince

Retrouvez quelques citations  du Petit Prince  et expliquez la raison pour la quelle vous les aimez bien.

Présentation oral de la bibliographie d’Antoine De Saint Exupery.

The perfect European

This is a parody of course!

In your opinion how should he be? Write a short paragraph.

Tips to memorize

To all my students with love!

·       Read and write. After reading or memorizing something, try to write it at least one time if you are not in a hurry, because remember that "Writing Once Equals Reading Three Times".

·       Try writing out whatever you need to memorize. After writing it out, read it aloud a couple of times. This works especially well for memorizing paragraphs of writing in another language.

·       Don't be worried if you have difficulty memorizing some parts of a text. Just keep on remembering at your own pace, and if it gets too stressing, take a break.

·       Continued from the last tip, taking a break can be skipping around your room for 10 minutes, memorizing what you learned.

·       Take short, frequent breaks. It is best to exercise during these breaks rather than doing something passive like watching 10 minutes of TV, which can get you attached to the TV and make you think of not studying. Exercising will stimulate your brain, and you will work better when you return. Be careful not to overdo it.

·       Try tying your shoes after everything you read. While tying, repeat what you read aloud. Doing a physical action helps the brain retain what you just went over.

·       Eating while you work stimulates your brain and allows it to kick into full gear. Pick healthy choices such as fruit, not fatty foods such as chips or cookies.

A music quiz

1.    What was the name of Bob Marley’s band?
2.    They were the most successful music group ever. They sold over 100 million singles and 100 million albums. Who were they?
3.    Which group did Sting begin his career with?
4.    What does the name of the group REM stand for?
5.    Complete the name of this underground band?
6.    Which group made one of the first ever music videos called Bohemian Rhapsody?
7.    Which group said: “ we don’t need no education...”
8.    Which group had an instant number one with the song “ God save the Queen” after it was banned by the BBC
9.    What was the name of Kurt Cobain’s group?
10. Which solo star started his career in a group called Wham?
11. Who was the singer of the “Doors”?
12. Which group had the following hits: West End Girls, What Have I Done to Deserve It? You Were Always on My Mind?
13.  Who or what is The Edge?
14. Whose group was called the E-StreetBand?
15. What was Woodstock?
16. Which famous guitarist was in John Mayall’s  Bluesbreakers, The Cream, Blind Faith and Then Went Unplugged?
17. Name 4 members of the Rolling Stones, past or present?
18. Which artist is associated with the colour purple?
19. Complete this song title: the House of the rising ...
20. Which singer released a record many years after his death called “ Free as a Bird”