Thursday, March 28, 2013


Watch these two videos which are very inspiring to me. I would like you to discuss their main ideas and tell me what you think about them.

More slang!

In this words game, expressions in good English are mixed up with popular or slang ones.  Match the two columns and find out what they mean and the meaning they can have in your language!

a bible puncher                                         a clerk
rich                                                              to give the sack
pencil pusher                                             a very small person
to make a bad mistake                             to drop brick
a disc jockey                                              a mental defective
a mo-mo                                                      a priest
a half pint                                                    full of beans
a hospital                                                    a speed cop
to dismiss                                                    a radio announcer
a Chicago overcoat                                   a detective
a policeman riding a motorcycle             an ill-paid work
an unpleasant person                               a butcher shop
a dick                                                           a coffin
a coffee and a cake job                             a blue jacket
a sailor                                                         a pain in the neck

Happy times!

Find out how to be happy!

Are you happy? If you aren’t, you need to move near friends who are. A new study shows that happiness is infectious and can flow through social groups. And the closer you are to someone happy, the happier you’ll be. The study was carried out by Harvard Medical School. The researchers discovered that a person’s happiness is dependent on the happiness of those around them. They collected data on 5,000 adults between 1971 and 2003. Participants were asked to identify their relatives, close friends, place of residence and place of work. They were also asked questions about whether they enjoyed life, and whether they felt hopeful about the future. The results were interesting. The researchers found that those who had happy partners had 8% higher chance of being happy too. And for those with happy children, this increases to 14%. And finally, those with a happy friend who lives less than half a kilometer away are 42% more likely to be happy. “most important from our perspective is the recognition that people are in social networks, and that the health and well-being of one person affects the health and well being of others”, one of the researchers explained. It makes sense that if people around you are happy, that might have an impact on your own happiness. So, in conclusion, the best thing is to have a happy friend who lives less than a kilometer away from you. Do you have one?

1)    What makes you happy? Make a list.
2)    Explain what the connection between happiness and friendship is.
3)    How happy do you feel today?
4)    When was the last time you were unhappy?
5)    Why is it important to be happy?

Describing an object

Rearrange the following expressions under these headings.

Colours,  shapes,  age,  sight-related,  touch- related,  sound- related,  taste-related,  time,  qualities, sizes.

It’s black,      It’s shiny      it’s triangular it’s brand new     It’s bright blue

it’s slippery.             it’s round      It’s bright       it isn’t very old          it’s big

It’s all white  it’s really sticky        It’s quite heavy        It’s lovely and sweet      it’s square-
shaped                it’s second-hand                It’s fluorescent green

it’s circular at the top         It’s delicious and spicy     It’s a horrible pink colour It’s really loud                       

It’s ugly          it’s yearly                   It’s pretty poor 

it’s huge        it’s enormous       it’s smooth to the touch          It’s a bit noisy         It isn’t very 
good                it’s monthly   it’s long and thin    it isn’t very thick

It’s beautiful             it’s quite small        it’s big                       it’s twice a week

It’s lovely and soft               It’s really juicy          It isn’t exactly light

It’s horrible and bitter        It’s really quiet