Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tips to memorize

To all my students with love!

·       Read and write. After reading or memorizing something, try to write it at least one time if you are not in a hurry, because remember that "Writing Once Equals Reading Three Times".

·       Try writing out whatever you need to memorize. After writing it out, read it aloud a couple of times. This works especially well for memorizing paragraphs of writing in another language.

·       Don't be worried if you have difficulty memorizing some parts of a text. Just keep on remembering at your own pace, and if it gets too stressing, take a break.

·       Continued from the last tip, taking a break can be skipping around your room for 10 minutes, memorizing what you learned.

·       Take short, frequent breaks. It is best to exercise during these breaks rather than doing something passive like watching 10 minutes of TV, which can get you attached to the TV and make you think of not studying. Exercising will stimulate your brain, and you will work better when you return. Be careful not to overdo it.

·       Try tying your shoes after everything you read. While tying, repeat what you read aloud. Doing a physical action helps the brain retain what you just went over.

·       Eating while you work stimulates your brain and allows it to kick into full gear. Pick healthy choices such as fruit, not fatty foods such as chips or cookies.

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