Thursday, January 24, 2013

Save at home

At Home
Where does the king live? Where do cows live?
Give every owner his home.
1. An astronaut     2. a beggar   3. a bird    4. a camper     5. a cow        6. a dog  7. an Eskimo   8. God     9. a headmaster    10. a 11. a horse      12. a king      13. a mouse       14. nobody    15. the President of the U.S.A.      16. The Prime Minister (G.B.)  17. a prisoner       18.Queen Elisabeth      19. pussy cat  20. a Red Indian  21. a sailor   22. a soldier   23. a station master   24. a traveller       25. a wise man        26. a worm.

on the road                                                              a palace
nowhere                                                                  a tepee  ( or wigwam)
Heaven                                                                    a stable
a  station                                                                  a kennel
a  ship                                                                                  a jail
under the bridges                                                   a hole
at home                                                                    a cow house
a camp                                                                     a tent
a nest                                                                       the White House
a basket                                                                   Buckingham Palace
the earth                                                                  a hotel
an igloo                                                                    a school
a space ship                                                            10, Downing Street

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