Thursday, January 24, 2013

Changing Letters

Changing a single letter of the words below you can have a word of completely different meaning.  First  translate the words into Catalan, then write the new word on the right. If you can’t find the solution, you will find the Catalan translation at the bottom of the page to help you.

1.    Candle
2.    House
3.    Pipe
4.    Rub
5.    Floor
6.    Wall
7.    Chair
8.    Tidy
9.    Wall
10. Hall
11. Rent
12. Bed
13. Ring
14. Pot
15. Bell
16. Cellar

Mànec, cavall, madur, córrer, farina, bé, cadena, minúscul, alt, infern, enviat, abella, cantar, animal preferit, passat del verb caure, coll (d’un vestit).

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