Thursday, March 28, 2013

More slang!

In this words game, expressions in good English are mixed up with popular or slang ones.  Match the two columns and find out what they mean and the meaning they can have in your language!

a bible puncher                                         a clerk
rich                                                              to give the sack
pencil pusher                                             a very small person
to make a bad mistake                             to drop brick
a disc jockey                                              a mental defective
a mo-mo                                                      a priest
a half pint                                                    full of beans
a hospital                                                    a speed cop
to dismiss                                                    a radio announcer
a Chicago overcoat                                   a detective
a policeman riding a motorcycle             an ill-paid work
an unpleasant person                               a butcher shop
a dick                                                           a coffin
a coffee and a cake job                             a blue jacket
a sailor                                                         a pain in the neck

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